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Weekly Update 30th November 2020

Hello Everyone

I would firstly like to apologise for this weeks update being so late. 

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement last week, there were what I am politely referring to as a level of ambiguity to the Government website advice regarding group exercise.  There was so much confusion that my Exercise Governing Body took the entire weekend to interpret the rules and only let us know this afternoon that we are, in fact, allowed to open.  (Hurrah!)

I have decided to reopen for the three weeks that we have in the lead up to Christmas,  however I am aware that things are incredibly up in the air at the moment, so with this in mind I would ask that you read the updated Covid statement that I have attached and if you would like to book on please do so as soon as possible so I can get an idea of whether you would like live classes.  I won’t be offended if you chose not to 😊

Onto happier things!

Please find below a list of my classes – I am very happy to say that I have added Riseley Community gym to my schedule. The story behind this gym is wonderful and I am hugely happy to be working with them.  At the moment spaces are limited due to Covid restrictions,  but please do book on!!

Live classes:                                                                                                                                                          

Zumba Gold

Islip Sports Pavilion



Zumba Gold

Olney Youth Centre



Zumba Gold

Riseley Community Gym



Zumba Fitness

Riseley Community Gym



All classes are £5 and 6 for the price of 5 options are available

Thank you to everyone who responded to my query regarding pre-recorded classes.  I am very sorry I did not respond to you all individually. Not to make excuses but I left my job last week after 4 years and it is fair to say my head was generally somewhere else most of the time.

I am going to be introducing two pre-recorded classes to my timetable.  They will be available through and will cost £3 for the class.  You can purchase and they will be available for 24 hours from the start time.

There will be some new and different routines on there that you will not find in class,  so if you want to Zumba but also want to stay indoors then check them out.

The schedule will be:

Virtual Zumba Fitness: Thursday 9am – available for 24 hours

Virtual Zumba Gold: Friday 9am – available for 24 hours

I will send out the information once these are out. 

Well I think that is everything! We have just one month left of this hugely challenging year,  so lets go out on a high!

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