Step Forwards

About Me

My journey to fitness instruction started back in January 2012.  I made myself a new years resolution to take up an exercise class that required I wear trainers.  I already swam and practiced yoga but felt the need to do something ‘cardiovascular and on land’ and as such found myself in a church hall taking a Zumba class in a pair of old joggers and a fleece.  I absolutely loved it and before long I was seeking out additional classes to get my fix, and beginning to build myself a Zumba Wear wardrobe.

One of these additional classes was with Michelle Jones (Mish J + Co) who became my friend and mentor, with her enthusiasm and encouragement I went from being the “quiet one” at the back of the class, to the “slightly more enthusiastic” one at the front.. and my journey to taking my first instructor course began.

Whilst my primary training is in Zumba & Zumba Gold, I also hold a Level 2 Certificate in Group Training to Music, giving me a solid understanding on the benefits of exercise to physiology and psychology.

My ethos is that fitness and good health should be for everyone and needs to be for everyone.  I am not an elite athlete – in fact I can be hugely un-coordinated; nor do I get up at 5am to run a half marathon every day.  What I do understand however is the long term health benefits,  both mental and physical,  of exercise and a balanced diet,  and I want this for everyone.