Step Forwards

Weekly Update 12th October 2020

Well I opened the booking for Zumba Gold last week, and 3 days and over 60 bookings later I am frankly overwhelmed.

My partner I have had a lovely week away, enjoying walks, exploring and lots of nice food,  but I am so excited to get back to live teaching and I cannot wait to see some of you next week.

I’m not going to bombard you with information this week.  Just to remind you if you are coming to class next week,  please make sure that you have filled out a Covid health questionnaire (PARQ) and have read the Covid Statement. 

Also PLEASE bring water as we will not have access to the kitchens at the venues.

Obviously this is level one of re-opening and I am hoping to add some additional classes to my schedule over the coming months,  but I am taking the softly softly approach whilst things are still a little uncertain in the world,  so keep watching this space.

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