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Why Clubbercise May Be the Post Lockdown Class for You

If you have never heard of it before, Clubbercise was started in 2013 by 3 friends, and has grown hugely since then to become one of the biggest concepts to hit the fitness industry. It’s USP is that classes are taught in a darkened room with disco lighting, using trademark LED glow sticks, which creates a nightclub atmosphere. It provides easy to follow routines with higher and lower impact options, all danced to club tunes from classic 90’s hits to modern day dance floor fillers.

If you are thinking of returning to group exercise, there are many reasons why Clubbercise may be the best class for you.  

The Clubbercise mission is to help people get fit and keep fit in an uplifting environment.  They cater for the absolute beginner.  There is no fancy footwork or complicated routines, you definitely do not have to be a dancer. The routines are simple, clear and easy to follow, whilst working the whole body with a combination of dance, toning and combat moves. This helps reduce the feeling of being out of place or as if you cannot keep up with the class, and serves to boost your confidence.

If you want to get back to exercise, but are embarrassed about being seen, the darkened room, is a huge positive. Whether you haven’t been able to exercise this year and feel out of condition, unfit, or are still carrying lockdown pounds and are uncomfortable; or if you are simply shy and don’t want to feel that all eyes are on you, in a Clubbercise class, no one can see you! You can enjoy the class as if you were back at home in your own kitchen.

The other benefit that this class has is that it feels like a night out, and at a time when they are in short supply, what a great chance to enjoy the much-missed club experience and get your workout at the same time!

I took my first Clubbercise class 4 years ago. I enjoyed it very much, but having recently qualified as a Zumba instructor, I decided to make that my focus, and after attending classes for fun for a while I eventually let Clubbercise fall by the way side.

However last week I got the opportunity to take the qualification online from the comfort of my own home.

It was a great day. We took a Masterclass and learned all about the wonderful, inclusive ethos that Clubbercise aims to bring to every single one of it’s classes. Initially I was surprised that we weren’t spending the day learning a catalogue of ‘base moves’ but soon realised that there are none to learn.  The moves are so simple that if you can march on the spot, you can take part in a Clubbercise class!

Post Training – full of cold!

I am currently one assessment piece off being a qualified, licenced Clubbercise instructor.  It really is a great programme and I am so excited that soon I will be able to offer Clubbercise classes. 

So stay tuned for more details!

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