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Update April 2022

Hello Ladies,

Is anyone confused yet by all the bank holidays?

I have updated my availability plan for May.  I apologise for it being so patchy and I am really grateful to everyone who is sticking with me at the moment!

After May there should be a lot more consistency!

For me, April has mainly been about recovering from Covid and getting back to full activity levels.  I was thrilled that people came back to Gold Toning after a very patchy start.  I am still looking for more people who might be interested in this great programme, and I will be working on promotion of it come June. If you know anyone who might be interested in it, please point them in my direction as I would love to hear from them!

On Saturday I took a training with one of my favourite Zumba Jammers and learned 4 fantastic and very versatile routines that will be dropping into my playlists very soon.

That is all for now.  Have a brilliant May and I will see you a little more consistently in June!

Week BeginningClasses
2nd May 2022No Monday Class (Bank Holiday) Thursday on as normal
9th May 2022Monday on as normal No Thursday Class
16th May 2022Classes as normal
25th May 2022No classes this week
30th May 2022Monday on as normal No Thursday class (Bank Holiday)

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