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What is Zumba Toning and Why Might It Be Right for You?

I am so excited to announce that Zumba Gold Toning will be joining my teaching schedule on Thursday March 17th at 6pm. Back in 2020, in the middle of the first Lockdown, I took my Zumba Toning qualification and the Zumba Gold Toning extension, licencing me to teach both a high and low impact version of the programme.  Straight away I was convinced by the value the programme had and how interesting and enjoyable it could be for participants. I knew it would be something I would want to add to my timetable.

One of the myths of exercising with weights is that you are going to bulk up like a bodybuilder, but don’t worry, this won’t happen through this programme.

What exercising with weights does do is reverse the effect of muscle wastage and bone loss, which is a detrimental factor of aging.  This can have a number of positive effects, including a reduced risk of osteoporosis, better balance, and more physical strength to enable a better quality of life.

Another benefit of building lean muscle is that it contributes to a faster metabolism, which in turn means that you will burn more calories, even after you have finished exercising. And we all know what burning more calories means!

Essentially, Zumba Toning is Zumba with hand weights that rattle like maracas.

The Zumba®and Gold-Toning program takes the basic Zumba/Gold® dance-fitness party and adds in lightweight Zumba® Toning Sticks to enhance muscle strength, tone and endurance.

The toning sticks are maraca style hand weights that serve two purposes in a Toning and Gold Toning class:

  • To provide mild resistance while training the participant.
  • To provide participants with an “instrument” to create sound and music to accompany the rhythms.

The benefits of the Toning programme are numerous. It is a cardiovascular workout, combined with a weight training workout and will have the dual benefits of both of these types of classes.

It also improves:

  • Coordination
  • Motor Control
  • Cognitive function
  • Posture and stabilisation

But the best thing is that it is still exercise in disguise.  You will attend a fun class with a happy atmosphere and great music and by participating all the wonderful benefits will happen to you.

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