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Update February 2022

Wow! Where did February go? For me it certainly lived up to being the shortest month! Thank you very much to everyone who has come to class through the last month. I always think February is one of the toughest months of the year – but warmer, lighter where is round the corner and with it the motivation to smash those fitness goals.

The National Governing Body for Group Exercise | EMD UK

For me it had been a month of beginnings and endings. 

After 2 years,  I finally completed my EMD Group Exercise to Music Level 2 qualification,  with a very stressful and long practical assessment day. 

I am writing a blog post about the whole experience of the qualification if you are interested!

Fitter Body Ladies Kettering - Home | Facebook

I have also taken on a wonderful class with Fitter Bodies Ladies Kettering – they are an amazing, motivated group of ladies, genuinely committed to achieving fitness and weight-loss goals and I am genuinely interested to join myself!

In March I am launching my Zumba Gold Toning class.  It will be on Thursday at 6pm.  I have written an introductory blog on this which can be found on my website:

It is a fantastic and really fun programme that combines resistance and body weight training with dance fitness and funky music. I am loving practicing and learning routines for this class and I hope that it will be well supported!  Keep checking my website,  facebook and Instagram page for loads more information.

And finally… with so much going on in the world at the moment,  I am keen to do something that will make a difference – I just don’t know what at the moment!

If anyone has any ideas,  I’d love to hear them,  otherwise,  once I have thought some more,  I will let you know.  After years of wanting to organise an event, and not being able to do it, I would love it if this could be the year.

Take care and stay safe.

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