Step Forwards

Weekly Update 24th March 2021

Hello Everyone

I hope you are doing well and are enjoying the slight lift in temperature.

I’ll be honest, I am waiting for the temperature to come up a few more degrees – but I am generally a little bit cold blooded!

Than you to the ladies who joined me on Zoom this week.

Classes will be on as normal next week so if you are interested in joining me please do let me know or just book on!

I have been learning a brand new warm up which I am very excited about so look out for this in classes next week.

The big news this week is that I have started investigating the procedure for reopening classes,  which I hope can happen from the beginning of May.

Although outdoor classes can resume sooner, I have decided that our British weather is a little too unpredictable. In addition I don’t have all the equipment required to teach outside,  so I will be waiting until we can go indoors.

People have started to provide me with feedback on this,  and I am open to ideas, comments and questions,  so please let me know your thoughts on reopening.  I want everything to be smooth and comfortable, so if I can do something to make your transition back to classes a little easier then I am happy to consider it.

Finally I have been asked a few times recently for various links for things so look out for a 2nd email this weekend when I will send all of this out.

Until then take care


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