Step Forwards

Weekly Update 22nd January 2021

Hello Everybody

I hope that you are doing ok and coping through this difficult time.  Within my family we have had a more difficult week which has thrown a few spanners in the proverbial works, but we are getting through and I am looking forward to a weekend of not working at the office job. Simon and I are planning to set our archery target up and get in some much needed practice.  I in particular have been quite lax outside our walks and my Zumba classes. 

I am trying to practice self-forgiveness, and allowing myself to do as much or as little as I want to do or can do. I believe it is the best way to be, even though I know how hard it can be!



Zoomba Gold is on Monday evenings at 6.30pm and Tuesday mornings at 9.30am!

Thank you to everyone who is attending and being so supportive.  If you decide that next week is the week you decide to ‘get back to it’ then please see my website and book on,  or if you struggle,  contact me directly and I will book you in.

Pre recorded classes WILL BE UP THIS WEEKEND! I apologise for the delay in this.  It has proved more time consuming than I thought it would be – but I promise they will be up this weekend and details will be sent out to you in a separate email and on my social media.


My latest blog post ‘Why Does it Have to Be January’ is up now on my website

It is a collection of my musings on the culture of New Years Resolutions, so if you have 5 minutes sit and have a read. 

That is all for this week.  I hope that you are coping through this difficult time.  We will see each other again I am quite sure.

Stay safe


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