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Weekly Update 14th January 2021

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who came along to my Zoom sessions this week.  It was lovely to see some familiar faces and get back to teaching after the Christmas break. I hope you enjoyed the new routines!

If you are interested in joining online Zoomba then please book in at or message me if you would like me to book in for you.  It is just £3 per session, and you are welcome to keep your camera off if you are concerned about being seen!

I have had some requests about on demand Zumba and I promise they will be available by the end of this week. I will send out full details about how to access the on demand as soon as it is uploaded.  Thank you so much for your patience on this whilst I sort everything out.

I started the year taking a choreography jam with Zumba presenter Roland Schmid.  One of the advantages of so much Zumba going on line is that I am able to train with different presenters from all over the world from the comfort of my own living room – and with the dog watching on!

It was an absolutely inspirational session, so much so that I have booked another for March and am already considering the third.  Roland is an incredibly passionate teacher, and his routines are incredibly fun and accessible.  I had an amazing time and was able to learn a lot of the choreography straight away, so much so I was able to fit the routines straight into my classes without tooooo many hiccups.

Finally if you haven’t yet check out my blog at  This year I am aiming to release articles on the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month (February excepted) so there will hopefully be something there to tweak your interest. I write articles on health and fitness, and also about my personal journey, so if you are nosey it might be for you.

The final thing to say is to look after yourselves.  At the moment we are going through an incredibly frustrating and depleting time, and I want everyone to know that there is somewhere and someone they can turn to. 

Be kind to yourself. Look after yourself. Give yourself a break. You are doing amazingly.

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