Step Forwards

Weekly Update 19th December 2020

I honestly cannot put in to words how sad I am to announce that I will be closing all my classes outside of Northamptonshire, with immediate effect.  I was really hoping that we were all going to get through to Christmas together, but sadly it was not meant to be.

Islip – we still have one more class – Monday 21st December – after which we will be closing for Christmas and waiting to see what is going to happen next.

I will be posting two more blog posts before the end of the year. One is a summary of this year. Therefore I will keep my thoughts and feelings out of this post.

I would just like to wish every single one of you the best possible Christmas that you are able to have.  This has been a terrible year of loss, loneliness, uncertainty and frustration and I hope you can all find some comfort with your families and loved ones.

I remain hopeful that there is an end to this, and that we can all come back together and enjoy dance, fitness and laughter together.

Until then please look after yourselves and stay safe.

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