Step Forwards

Weekly Update 14th December 2020

Hello Everyone

Just a very short update this week to let you know that we have just 2 weeks of classes left before Christmas!

There are still some spaces available so if you are wanting to book in, please do!

There was an issue last week with my new Riseley venue being hard to find,  so I am doing a bit of a promotion on Facebook to help people find it

My poor partner is getting an ever increasing list of things that I am needing him to do – but on that list is uploading videos and opening my bookings for 2021.  At least some of this should be done this week. 

Obviously 2021 bookings are going to be Government dependant,  but any payments made will be rolled over until you are able to take the classes so please book and we will work out the technicalities nearer the time!

It was lovely to see you all last week.  We had varying levels of success with heating systems but I hope I’ve ironed a few of these out for this week!

Olney: Please also remember to bring your extra £5 this week to buy your hand made face mask to raise money for charity.  I know I could always use a spare!

Take care and keep warm

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