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Weekly Update March 3rd 2021

Hello Everyone

It has been really wonderful to hear from some of you this week.  I am thinking of all of you and am hoping you are managing to find some joy through this difficult time.

I have a few things to share this week so I will dive straight in:

My Gold On Demand classes are up for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Link is below.  This is the same class as last week but I will be doing some more filming over the weekend so keep an eye out because there will be fresh classes out soon.

I have been asked about my private You Tube accounts so have also included those links – I haven’t updated there for a while – but there are still lots of routines to choose from, and I have some plans for some short routines which I will be uploading over the coming months – so keep your eye on this update and that link.

Finally I am onto Day 3 of my 10 000 steps a day walking challenge.  Last night ended with the ‘teeth brushing jog on the spot’ to hit that 10K so I promise you this is a challenge to me.  However I went to bed having done 10018 steps to complete Day 2.

I’ll be posting regular updates to my charity page – linked below – and my blog through March will be all about Cancer Research UK, my challenge and how I am getting on,  so please keep reading.

Well that is all,  lots of information today I know. 

Please keep positive and I am looking forward to the middle of the year when hopefully we can dance together again.

Link to on demand classes:

Link to Gold and Fitness You Tube Account:

Link to fundraising page:

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