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Weekly Update 14th February 2021

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well and managing to stay warm. I’ll be the first to admit I have been complaining a fair bit about the cold weather! This weekend however, we have decided to grin and bear it and have been out for some nice long walks.

Since my last update a few things have happened.

I attended two online seminars for ‘Zumba Gold’ Day which were hosted by the brilliant Roland Schmid. I learned a lot from them and will be incorporating some of the lessons into my classes and my business in general, so if something changes for the better, you can probably thank Roland!

I also got to dance with two of my favourite presenters, Nadia Alkoc and Dovydas Veiverys at an online masterclass.  Their choice of music was incredible and some of it will definitely be finding its way into my classes.

I have also hit £60 in sponsorship for my charity walk – set to happen throughout March.  Thank you so much to the people who have sponsored me for your generosity. I have left the link at the bottom of this.

My latest blog post is also out – it is about what I do to stay motivated – it may help you if you are needing a little nudge to get off the sofa through this very cold February!

Finally, classes are on as usual this week. Thank you to my lovely Zoom ladies who join me every week. If you are thinking of joining in please let me know, you would be more than welcome.

Online classes will start Wednesday and full details will come out Tuesday evening so if you are interested please make a note.

There will be 5 opportunities to take each class I post and you will be able to take the class in your own time – so enjoy and make the most of it!

That is all for now.  Take care and stay safe!


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