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Weekly Update 6th February 2021

Hello Everyone 

I hope that you are doing well and are battling through into February. The nights are starting to pull out and we are getting a little more time in the evening, which makes me feel much better, I don’t know about anyone else! 

That the moment I am writing my next blog article, which is about how I keep motivated.  Within this I am including a section in flexibility and self-forgiveness, which has been useful this week as my week has gone… very differently to what I was hoping for. 

On Monday my partner and I started an alcohol and meat free month with a focus on increasing our exercise levels and getting a bit healthier. And on Monday I was able to fit in a class, a walk and an abdominal workout. On Tuesday, I went back into the office to meet my new manager, and I feel like I have been there ever since! 

I think I have managed to catch up with myself now – so apologies for the (again) lack of recorded classes – but I promise that they will be up in the next couple of days!  

Online classes will be on as usual this week,  so if you haven’t joined yet and would like to, please book on at

In other news, I have signed up for the first charity fundraiser of the year which is a 10 000 steps a day walk to raise money for Cancer Reesearch.  If you felt that you wanted to donate I would be hugely grateful.  

The link is at the bottom of this page.

Well, that is enough of my waffle for one email! Take care and I hope to see you soon.  Also, if you are bored please drop me a line and let me know how you are doing, I love to hear from you.

Sarah’s Walk All Over Cancer Fundraising Page /

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