Step Forwards

Weekly Update 23rd October 2020

Two weeks in and we are still open! I am remaining optimistic and although a little cloud hovers over us, I am so thrilled that we are still able to enjoy a little bit of normality.

News: A few weeks ago I took my Clubbercise Training and am thrilled to tell you that I have passed.  I have written an article on why Clubbercise may be the post lockdown class for you – so if you don’t know anything about Clubbercise, check my website for this article,  and for my review of returning to live classes after a 7 month break!

Question: I have been given the opportunity to teach some Zumba/Zumba Gold/Toning classes at a community gym in Riseley, Bedfordshire.  I would love to hear if this is something that would interest any of you? I appreciate it is a long way out if you live in Olney, but if you live closer to this area please let me know.  It is a quaint little gym with a wonderful back story which I will hopefully be telling more of in the coming weeks.

Update:  After careful consideration,  I have decided I can safely accommodate 2 extra people in the Olney Youth Centre providing I teach ‘length-ways.’ Therefore the bookings online will from now on be capped at 16. I apologise to anyone who has missed out in previous weeks, I am sure that you understand this is a bit of a learning curve for me too.

This is also a reminder that if you want to come to class,  please book online,  or let me know you are coming so I can book you.  I know it is a nuisance,  but the booking system is how I am able to track the number of people I have coming to class, and also provides me with my track and trace paperwork. If you book and then need to cancel that is absolutely fine.

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